Cyclone Blunt Dank 7 Tips Full Pack

Cyclone Blunt Dank 7 Tips Full Pack

Cyclones are the newest invention in blunt smoking. Blunts can be very difficult to roll, because unlike most rolling papers, they do not feature a gum strip to seal off the blunt.

This often leaves inexperienced rollers with a sloppy roll that comes apart during the smoke. Cyclones has invented an amazing, flavor pre-rolled cone that will solve all of those problems. The Cyclones come with a packing stick, and all you have to do is fill the cones with your grinded up tobacco or herbal blends. Each cone is stored in a flavor-sealing tube that can also be used to put out blunts that are not finished.

The cone design allows for an even burn and smooth flavor throughout the entire smoke, surely to be the best you've tried!
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