Cacaolat - The best Chocolate drink there is.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

A drink that can be drank Hot in the Winter and Cold in the Summer. Yes, that's right, you can have it cold or warm! It's the most delicious Chocolate drink you will have ever tasted.

About Cacaolat

The world’s first bottled milkshake was created in the small Letona dairy plant, in Spain.

The formula has been kept secret since 1933. A secret recipe formulated with the best cocoa which gives this drink a unique, creamy and instense flavour.

Cacaolat cocoa comes from plantations in the Ivory Coast and West Africa. Not all cocoa is the same. There are three types of cocoa:

Criollo Trinitario


Cacaolat is made with Forasteiro, which has the best characteristics. It's been used right from the beginning in 1933 and has remained consistent throughout the years.

Here are the different Flavours/Tastes Cacaolat offers:

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